Global Fireproof Solutions, Inc.

Structural Steel

Applications for Steel


Rated Assemblies

Global Fireproof Solutions leads the way in fireproofing structural steel with Intumescent Coatings. Compared to older style fibrous cement or gypsum-based spray-applied fireproofing, Intumescent coatings have a some key advantages.

  • Smooth, clean finish.

  • Installs in a fraction of the time compared to cementitious type fireproofing.

  • No need to chip away at fireproofing to install hangars.

  • Can be topcoated for an attractive finish that matches surroundings.

  • Fast drying time — Can have hangars installed on it after 24 hours.

  • Low VOC, Odorless, and Green.

  • Applied by a commercial grade airless sprayer with minimal disruption to other trades.

Steel/Wood Construction

The diversity of the FireGuard E-84 product also allows us to provide ratings on structures and assemblies with mixed compositions of wood, gypsum, and steel.

Patches for Cementitious Fireproofing

FireGuard E-84 has also tested successfully as a patch material for old-style cementious material that has been chipped or scraped off.

These applications take as long as applying a few coats of paint, and cause minimal disruption to existing businesses.