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Tiki, Plastics, & More


A Wide Range of Solutions

With our broad portfolio of fireproofing chemicals, we are able to find the right solution for nearly any application, and have successfully treated a wide variety of materials. Almost all applications can be performed at one of our factory facilities, or alternately we can dispatch our certified applicators to you.

Tiki thatch roof treated with FX Lumber Guard XT.

Tiki thatch roof treated with FX Lumber Guard XT.

Tiki Thatch & Bamboo

Based out of Florida, Global Fireproof Solutions has been contracted to treat numerous shapes and sizes of tiki thatch roofs, from bus stops to full-sized tiki bars and everything in between. Though tiki thatch and bamboo poles can be very striking elements of design, they can also very quickly catch fire and become engulfed in flames.

Global Fireproof Solutions offers a Class A Rated fire retardant application capable of preventing ignition and delaying the spread of flames on even the most flammable materials.

When used as decorative accents in interior spaces, the fire retardant has an indefinite effective life. For exterior applications, Global Fireproof Solutions performs an initial application and at the time of application will provide an estimate for future reapplications to be performed in 1-2 year intervals. This is to ensure that, despite adverse conditions and weathering, your structure remains as safe as possible.




Global Fireproof Solutions' Certified Applications of Intumescent Coatings not only prevent the spread of fire on plastic and fiberglass substrates, but can reduce toxic smoke by over 80%. In some cases fumes from burning PVC or other plastic building materials can cause loss of consciousness, changing an already costly and damaging fire into a tragic loss of life.

When an Intumescent Coating is applied to plastic and fiberglass type substrates, it will greatly reduces and even stop the development of toxic smoke from these substrates in case of fire. This gives building occupants an extra window of time to evacuate.

These applications do not harm or degrade CPVC used in sprinkler systems.

Depending on the material, we can provide white finishes or transparent applications that can be used to give decorative type accents rated fire resistance.


Burning foam insulation is quick to form toxic smoke, and in case of fire can become deadly.

Burning foam insulation is quick to form toxic smoke, and in case of fire can become deadly.

Thermal Barrier Applications

Foam insulation has been a great benefit to the construction industry, but one with a significant drawback; in the event of fire, foam insulation can become a source of toxic black smoke.

Global Fireproof Solutions offers an intumescent coating application over Spray Applied Open or Closed Cell foam insulation, as well as over rigid foam board insulation. By leveraging the latest generation of fire resistant technology, the formation of toxic smoke can be delayed or prevented.